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The business model

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Here’s a really simplified picture of our business. We try to shoot for the center, where it’s a combination of what we love to do, what we do well, and what keeps us in business.


This is one of the reasons that skedsheet makes sense. We want a product that is easy to start using (♥) and easy to share ($). And we think we can make it pretty powerful (A+).

When we started six years ago, we spent time writing a business plan – not so we could show it to other people or raise money, but just so we could have an idea of what the business would be. The end-product wasn’t the useful part – working through a bunch of questions opens your eyes about what you need to do. Who are your customers going to be? What’s the price of your product? How do you let people know?

Of course, every prediction we made was overly optimistic, but it wasn’t horrible as a guideline. Ted at Noonday showed us the 3 circles approach, and I really liked this way of thinking about the business. For big decisions about your business, the outcome you choose better fit smack-dab in the middle, or else you’re going to end up doing something that you’re bad at, you hate, or doesn’t make money.


Written by Harry Hollander

February 3, 2009 at 4:56 pm

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