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Building a marketing plan

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I’m working on a plan for marketing skedsheet.  We’re trying to build marketing into the product by making it easy to use and easy to share, but people need to hear about it before they can use it or share it.  I’m outlining some steps in our marketing plan, and then will try to fill in the details later.

Phase 1:  No product yet.

  1. Figure out who is our target audience
  2. Identify places to talk about skedsheet
  3. Build a clean, functional website
  4. Write articles about the problems we solve

Phase 2: have a product

  1. Make a demo
  2. Do some news releases
  3. Advertise
  4. Start talking about skedsheet

These ideas are from a variety of sources, but I like Guerrila Publicity a lot.  It would be nice to turn this plan into a spreadsheet and a calendar, so hopefully my marketing plan can become an example skedsheet, too.


Written by Harry Hollander

February 10, 2009 at 4:27 pm

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