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The best customer support is no customer support

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PhoneWe work hard to make JobTracker support above and beyond what our customers expect, and occasionally we succeed.  I’m not sure if this is the Golden Rule, but we try.  What we try to do is:

1) Before a customer buys our software we give them a realistic expectation of what will be involved in implementation.

2) Make outgoing support calls to encourage our new customers to get started and call us for help.

3) Have the salesperson call the new customer to make sure they’re happy with the support they’re getting.

4) Different people learn in different ways, so we have a variety of video an printed help available on our website.

5) Being available by phone or email most of the time.

Providing this level of service has been instrumental to any success that we’ve had.  The way that we think about our business is that we want lots of happy customers who tell their friends about us.  The support we provide is usually instant and provided by someone who’s an expert in our software and pretty good at  understanding our customers business, so we avoid several pitfalls like these that Seth Godin talks about.

But at the same time, getting started with enterprise software is incredibly hard because it requires implementation.  To implement software that changes your business, you need to:

  1. Review the business problems you intend to solve with everyone involved.
  2. Designate an implementation manager who understands the business
  3. Allocate time to develop a plan and implement software.
  4. Phase the implementation so it’s not overwhelming, and set deadlines.
  5. Train all of the users… both at the beginning and as an ongoing process.

With skedsheet, we want to skip all of this.  How?  Instead of building enterprise software or even “software for scheduling”, we’re just building a “utility” that mashes together a spreadsheet and a calendar.  By narrowing the scope of what we do, we want to make so that if you’re already using excel and outlook (or some web-version of either of those), there’s nothing new to learn.

This is good for the customer – you don’t need to think too hard about what you’re doing to still get value.  And, by making a scheduling spreadsheet that’s easy to use and share, it should be good for us – we can offer great customer service by eliminating the need to contact us at all.


Written by Harry Hollander

March 2, 2009 at 9:43 am

Posted in Customer Service

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