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Lesson #4: It’s never as good (or bad) as you think it is.

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I’m examining some of the lessons I’ve learned from working at other companies – trying to figure out how experience matters when you’re running your own business.

Hi/Fn – The internet boom was rocking and we were in the heart of it.  Even though Hi/Fn was a semiconductor company, our chips were going to be used in every gateway, router, and maybe every computer connected to the internet.  We all believed (with a capital “B”) we were going to change the world.hifn 

I regularly worked 12-hour days, and one of my buddies made a cocoon out of bubble-wrap so he could sleep in the office.  When the company went public, the champagne flowed, but we all rushed back to work to protect the vast riches we had just “earned”.

In the frenzy of the good days, we all lost sight of reason.  It didn’t take too long to sober us all up – having the stock lose 75% of it’s value in a few weeks made the illusion of wealth disappear.

That was the “dot com crash”.  Supposedly all of the frenzy was useless and nobody added any value.  Sure, it was harsh having reality come into the picture and realizing that the fundamental rules of business hadn’t been rewritten… but now with a little hindsight, it turns out that it wasn’t so bad.

Even though there was excess and waste, it turns out that on the whole, it was a good thing – nobody can imagine going back to the world before this explosion in the internet.  The consequences have been global, and to get there lots of people had to speculate and lose in order for everyone to benefit.

Without going through that incredible boom and bust, we wouldn’t be able to offer skedsheet on the web with confidence that people get the concept, and actually feel comfortable putting their lives on the internet.


Written by Harry Hollander

May 8, 2009 at 4:24 am

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