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The first Skedsheet!

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We reached a milestone today. We moved Skedsheet from the development servers to the production servers at

This doesn’t mean it’s done or ready for public viewing. We’re just putting everything on the public site so we can have an outside web designer help us make it look better. (At this point, it couldn’t look any worse. So I think she’s set up for success.)

After installing the software, Harry and I signed up as the first users and created a few Skedsheets. We also confirmed our email addresses (to prove we are the rightful owners of them) so we can now share these Skedsheets with each other.

If we lived in the same state, we might have raised a toast to this little milestone. Instead, I wrote a blog post. 🙂


Written by Ted Pitts

July 6, 2009 at 5:11 pm

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