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Cheating on our own software.

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I’ve been cheating, and it’s time to come clean.

Harry's whiteboardDespite our whole marketing pitch, product, and general company philosophy of centralizing information, I’ve been secretly using a whiteboard to help me manage my job and schedule some of my activities.

Well, maybe it’s not so secret, since the board is about 5’x4’, so anyone who’s been in my office sees it takes up about a third of one wall.

Here’s a picture of it – yes, it’s a mess.  What works about it is that it’s a place I can easily go and have a daily reminder of what I need to do. 

What’s bad about using whiteboard is that it’s hard to move activities, I’ve accidentally erased parts, and since I like to doodle while I talk on the phone – it’s filled with little notes that are out of context or completely unreadable.

How is my whiteboard being used?

30%: Kid’s scribbling.  I work at home and I occasionally allow the kids into my office.  They need the part of the whiteboard they can reach in order to do their artwork. 

30%: To-do list.  There is a giant list of things that I should be doing, but they’re hard to get to on a day-to-day basis.  About once per month I get the satisfaction of erasing something from this list.  Of course, in that time I’ve added four more items.

5%: Sales pitch.  I have 4 sentences on my whiteboard that remind me that when I talk to customers my conversation should be centered around them: “What are you doing today?  What works about that?  What doesn’t? What’s the consequence if you don’t change what you’re doing?”

35%+ Unreadable.  I have no clue what most of this stuff is.  I know I wrote it because it’s in my handwriting, but beyond that there’s no information.  My favorites are the time “3:30” and the ominous number “2365”.

I don’t have any plans to get rid of my whiteboard – but the reason I can have it is that it’s not the only place I have my information.  At least 70% of what’s there has no value after I write it down, but since I’m a pretty visual person, I need to write as I talk or think.  It’s more of a doodle pad than a calendar or a spreadsheet.


Written by Harry Hollander

July 24, 2009 at 9:08 am

Posted in whiteboard

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  1. My whiteboard has been in the closet for the past two years, since I last moved. But I’m still afraid of erasing it in case there’s anything important written on it. (It was mostly a to-do list of things that still aren’t done.)

    Ted Pitts

    July 24, 2009 at 1:49 pm

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