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Which features are free?

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Skedsheet is starting to come together – there’s some core functionality, a graphic design in the works for the website and application, and daily (well, maybe weekly) progress in both of those areas. 

burning money by purpleslog -

One of the missing ingredients is to figure out how we make money.  I still think we want a freemium model for skedsheet, so the question is

“What’s free and what do you pay for"? 

The dividing line all needs to be about value… what’s valuable enough to pay for?  And, can we build a product that’s free for lots of people, but have a small percentage of users cover the cost of development and infrastructure?

Even the free version needs to be valuable – otherwise nobody will care.  I want the free version to be useful for a single person working on a schedule, and maybe sharing it with a few other people.  But if it’s being used by lots of people at a Fortune 500 company, we should be charging.  The extreme cases are pretty easy to nail down, but we need to figure out where the dividing line should be.

Can we split up the features in a way to distinguish a casual user from a big company?

Feature Free Pay
Create 1 Skedsheet yes yes
Create 1 calendar view yes yes
Share publicly yes yes
See history of changes yes yes
Create more than 1skedsheet maybe yes
Create lots of calendar views maybe yes
Share privately maybe yes
Mobile interface maybe maybe
Large Skedsheet size no maybe
Create lots of Skedsheets no how many?
Multiple editors no how many?
Security no yes


Which other features should be on this list?  Are there other dimensions for the free/pay boundary?

If you’re trying to manage a few schedules, but you care deeply about having your data secure, is that a feature worth paying for?  How many editors is “a lot”?  Would we really build a separate mobile version? 

How do we make sharing and using Skedsheet really easy and not have new users worried about paying until they really find value?


Written by Harry Hollander

August 7, 2009 at 8:23 am

Posted in Pricing

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