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How do you sell something that’s free?

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We’ll probably have two flavors of Skedsheet – one free, and one paid.  I’ve been thinking about which features should be in each version, but I need to take a step back and ask myself:

“Even if it’s free, how do we sell this puppy?”

I know you don’t need to “sell” free stuff – at least not in the traditional sense.  It’s much more about providing something in exchange for your time.  Since we’re giving something valuable, and making it easy to share…each of our “free” customers should become an advocate for our software.

But, we still need a Unique Selling Proposition:  What’s the reason to even look at us?

I expect people to compare the cost (in time and effort) of Skedsheet to using Outlook and Excel.  I’d argue that Outlook and Excel are both effectively free – I bet you didn’t pay for them and you already know how to use them. 

Here’s what I’d want to say:

With the system you have today, you’re re-typing some details from your spreadsheet onto the calendar, and figuring out how to show it to other people. 

Of course, there’s the chance of making mistakes that cost big bucks, as well as time wasted looking in more than one place for information. 

I think we’ve another unique concept in Skedsheet that I haven’t seen touted other places – the idea of multiple dates being tied together as one “job”.  I don’t know how to describe this well – but that’s what ended up being the defining feature for our JobTracker software, and it seems like it will apply more generally through Skedsheet.

But, because it’s free, there won’t be a salesperson telling you any of this.  Instead, I assume the sales pitch will be:

  1. Right here, with us writing about our software on this blog.
  2. An demo video that will explain everything clearly.
  3. Stories and examples of how other people use Skedsheet.
  4. Skedsheets that you see because a friend shared them with you.

Written by Harry Hollander

August 12, 2009 at 7:01 am

Posted in Pricing, Strategy

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