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Logo a-go-go!

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We keep struggling with how quickly to show off Skedsheet – is what we have now still just a prototype, or is it getting to be a real product? 

Part of the problem with the software is that it’s ugly, and there’s some minimum level of attractiveness that needs to be there so our future users don’t run away with bleeding eyeballs.

We’ve been working with a designer to help fix the ugliness.  To start, we needed a logo, website, and some design in the software, itself.  I was trying to wait until we could actually update our website with the new design, but I’m too excited.  Voila, the logo!


What’s cool about this is that since we’re starting with a blank slate, we were able to give minimal direction, and be happy with the outcome.  I’d say that the logo succeeds in meeting the few requirements that we had. 

This logo is very typographic, original, and has a simple icon that suggests a spreadsheet or a calendar.  It works on a black background, too:


So far, so good.  Hopefully we’ll be rolling out decent-looking website soon.  What we’re realizing is that this is an iterative process.  We’ll have the place-holders for the web pages and parts of the software that we imagine needing… after a few months, we’ll understand what we really need.


Written by Harry Hollander

August 10, 2009 at 7:41 am

Posted in Design